The Three Phases of Leadership Development

Leadership is the art of inspiring aligned and committed action toward a common goal.

The Leadership Development Coaching is a proven 9-month, 28 session program that supports formal and informal leaders to achieve their biggest potential as leaders. Using both coaching and skill building, leaders travel a path that first and foremost, honors whom they are and their own unique gifts and perspectives. With that foundation in place, feedback is invited from others to round out an in-depth understanding of how well the leader’s intention matches the actual impact, or results, they create.  This personal and interpersonal underpinning is then enriched with a toolbox of new skills, concepts and models that support an effective process of organizational success. The culmination of all three of these phases (Personal Mastery, Interpersonal Mastery and Organizational Mastery) takes leaders to new heights in producing sustainable results that were previously unattainable.

Phase I: Personal Mastery – The Foundation – Inside-Out Leadership 6 sessions over 2 months

Personal Mastery in leadership is all about ensuring that we are standing on a solid foundation of strength and confidence in whom we are.  In other words, before I find out what you think of me, I need to know – “what do I think of me?” “Who am I?” “What do I stand for?” “Where am I going? “

During this phase, we spend time discovering your business mission, your business vision and leadership legacy, and your values. We explore your natural strengths and how to use them to highest advantage. And we may complete a leadership self-assessment to get you thinking about the characteristics of good leadership and how you use/don’t use them.

Phase II: Interpersonal Mastery – Outside-In Leadership – 9 sessions over 3 months

With a strong foundation of knowing who I am, what I stand for, and where I’m going firmly in place, we expand our exploration to better understand how others experience you. Everyone has blind spots and sometimes those blind spots can keep you from being your most effective leader. This phase serves to help leaders grow in ways they may never grow without outside-in input.

There are many ways to explore getting outside-in feedback. My two favorite processes are:

1)    The Leadership Circle Profile, a cutting edge Leadership 360 Assessment that not only gets to the critical competencies of highly effective leaders, but also gets to the underlying individual reactive behaviors that undermine leadership effectiveness, most often unbeknownst to the leader.

2)    The Facilitated Developmental Dialogue Process (FDD), a powerful process that includes preparation to interview key stakeholders in your work to find out what works and doesn’t work in your interactions. Although this may seem a little scary, I work with you to fully prepare you to have in-depth feedback conversations that invite the most critical information for you to know as a leader. One of the best outcomes of this process is that 99% of the time, the conversation greatly improves relationships. Lastly, you will learn the life-long skill of gaining important and usually unknowable feedback as a matter of course. This ability will be yours for the rest of your life.

Once Phase I and II are completed, we have the critical information necessary to create a well thought out Individual Development Plan (IDP). This plan then guides the focus of coaching for the rest of the program. Your plan will be 100% yours because you personally develop it with input based on your own desires plus input from key stakeholders that you yourself have gathered.

Phase III: Organizational Mastery – Navigating the complex dynamics of organizations-  13 sessions over 6 months

Organizations are inherently complex and offer up many system level problems that are difficult to negotiate. In fact, organizations are so filled with tricky problems that Organizational Effectiveness professionals study theory and research at the Master’s and PhD level to become proficient. What manager or leader has time to take their eye of their goals to go and study such an in-depth discipline? That is why I bring the best tried and true solutions to organizational and leadership issues to you. You bring your content expertise from your role in your organization, and I bring a custom made toolbox to help you resolve them.


In summary, as an internal/external consultant/coach, I have been blessed to support people in the line organization of many companies. Consequently, I have had the opportunity to research and develop spot-on solutions for common, but tough, leadership and organizational issue.  All of the concepts, models, and processes have been tested and proven to get successful results. What this means for you is that you not only get the traditional coaching experience, but a leadership toolbox as well.  The tools we put in your toolbox are dependent on the needs you identified as you developed your IDP.  Some examples are:

  • Organization level clarity on roles, responsibilities and authority – sounds easy but is all to often the source of frustration for employees and leaders alike.
  • Facilitating and leading meetings – whether with one person or many.  These situations are highly visible leadership opportunities in addition to the place where goals are set up for success or set up for failure.
  • When to be a manager and when to be a coach for your Direct Reports. These are very different roles with very different behaviors, but both are needed to truly develop employees.
  • Influence without authority – how do you get good ideas off the ground? Learn how to get others to support your goals when they are not part of your team.

Your Leadership Coaching can take many forms and timelines. However, this program of 28 sessions over 9 months has been proven to get the results that most leaders are looking for.