The Three Phases of Transformative Coaching

Research in transformational learning and brain re-patterning confirms that the most powerful way to create true change, called Transformation, is to deconstruct those internal, often unconscious, operating systems that create false limits in our lives.  Once your brain begins to find new patterns, it is possible to show up in new ways in life, love and work that will create the results you have been looking for.

This Transformational Coaching Program is a proven methodology that transforms limiting belief systems so that you can create the results you truly desire in life, love, and work. The program is designed into three major phases: Personal Mastery, Interpersonal Mastery, and Lifelong Mastery. Each phase consists of specific steps to gain mastery.

Phase I: Personal Mastery – The Foundation – Relationship with self, 17 sessions over six months

In this phase we uncover and deconstruct the hidden false beliefs or “operating system” holding you back and begin reconstruction of a deeper, truer understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and where you are going in this life.

If you only gain personal mastery, it is enough to profoundly change your life.

Phase II: Interpersonal Mastery – Easy, trusting connections in life, love and work – 8 sessions over three months

In this phase, we explore the ways in which your behavioral interactions with others are creating the relational results you are experiencing in life. While there are assuredly many good results, there are probably a few relationship “patterns” that may not be serving you.  We uncover the root of those old patterns and begin establishing new ways of being in relationship from a fully empowered center.

Gaining mastery in Phase II will ensure the critical human need of authentic connection, trust, and safety with others.

Phase III: Life Mastery – “*Master of my fate, Captain of my soul” – 7 sessions over three months

In this phase, we take a deep dive into living from your empowered center with authenticity, courage, and wisdom. With focus and practice, you will deepen and cement sustainable transformation.

Real transformation is defined as being changed forever.

*Invictus by William Ernest Henley