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What Clients Say

Team Conflict 911

Jen Joyce provided a process for our team to address some challenges we were having and to support our forward movement on a critical opportunity. Our team was experiencing conflict and reluctance to reengineer some of our processes to gain efficiencies. Initially, I was a little reluctant to support Jen’s approach but at the end of the event, I was surprised to say that it was 100% better than anything I expected. We got through some very tough challenges and came out with much more understanding of each other and what we can do together.

C.M, Manager, Government Agency

Leadership Development

I was a member of a leadership team consisting of about 15 other Directors and VPs.  The team lacked purpose, cohesion and often sent very conflicting messages to our organizations.   Jennifer embarked our team on a leadership journey that spanned 18-24 months.  She developed and tailored a leadership forum where the team met regularly to address issues and desired team outcomes.  She worked with us to evolve our leadership techniques, create strategic direction, establish attainable goals, understand how action or inaction impacted organizations, and develop strong communication skills.  The net result was a unified, impactful leadership team that provided cohesive guidance to our organizations.  Looking back, the leadership forum was a turning point in our history as a team and our individual leadership.  I’ve interacted with multiple management, leadership and executive coaches over the years.  I can honestly say Jennifer’s effectiveness is far above the norm.

C.S., Director

Jen, your approach is truly unique and effective. You didn’t just provide training, you got involved with us. You partnered in a way that helped me apply unique skills and techniques to successfully manage our most difficult projects and issues. More importantly, there is a powerful lasting effect from learning through direct application. What I learned from and with you is still with me and drives how I successfully achieve goals every day – many years later.”

Matt , Principal, Professional Services Information Technology Products and Services Company

Some of the things I particularly appreciate about how my executive coach worked with me were: her ability to get me to be specific about how I was going to talk through a difficult issue or how to better connect with someone I didn’t see eye to eye with.  I loved her ability to get me to consider how my natural state of being for being successful is to “push” my way through obstacles and though that may have led to my success in the organization thus far, it can be emotionally exhausting.  She helped me to build more powerful skills around enrolling people, listening to understand their perspective, and finding ways to ‘go around the obstacles’ instead of through them.

Wendy, Director in R&D Telecommunications, CO

Jennifer Joyce has been my business coach for over four years, most recently as I transitioned into senior financial leadership at a Fortune 150 company.  I would not have survived the first year with this company without Jen’s expert guidance.  She is a skilled listener, probing beneath the surface of current circumstances to uncover some deep-seated beliefs that were unconsciously undermining my ability to act in the most effective way.  She is masterful at short-term tactics and long-term strategies for addressing interpersonal challenges at all levels of the organization.  Because of her coaching (and a lot of introspection and practice!) I was able to become much more effective.  I am a stronger leader at work, and have found more balance, peace and joy as a result.  The working world can be “dog eat dog” but with Jen’s help, I have been able to show up with compassion, integrity and authenticity…and true to myself!  I highly recommend Jen to anyone that has challenges in their work.

Elise H., Finance Director

Our management team was geographically dispersed and plagued by a number of serious communication and trust issues. We had come from different parts of the business that had different organizational cultures and often had worked on products that competed with each other. The leadership development work focused on these issues at two levels. The combination of Executive Coaching coupled with Leadership Development Training facilitated tremendous personal and team growth and cohesion. As a direct result of this work, our team developed high trust and alignment, improved communication, improved direction setting and improved morale. It became, in fact, one of the best teams that I had ever been a member of during my 34 years with my company. In the face of a series of spin-offs, layoffs, and restructurings, our organization continued to get timely new products to market that caused a strong growth in our market share, both nationally and globally, at a time when the entire telecommunications industry has been floundering.

Peter, Director of Software Development Telecommunications, CO

I sought leadership development coaching years ago when I was in the early years of building my business, For Marketing Matters.  As a lifelong learner, I believe in the importance of ongoing development and now I had embarked on a new journey, building a business.  I wanted insight to help me grow and succeed as an entrepreneur.  I was fortunate to be introduced to Jen through a colleague of mine.  We have worked together for years now and while we have never met in person, she is one of the dearest people in my life!  Jen has amazing insight from listening and probing.  Since working with Jen, I have improved in managing conflict, facilitating meetings, growing strong team members and building a cohesive team.  Her expertise has directly contributed to my growing my business over the past 7 years.

Mary Honan, For Marketing Matters LLC, Boston, MA

If you want to grow your personal leadership or evolve large organization leadership dynamics, Jennifer will masterfully elevate you and/or your team’s leadership skills and effectiveness. She challenges you with deep introspection, self-awareness and core values. Jennifer’s coaching is firmly grounded based on her extensive experience, personal research and overall prowess. Change management, critical thinking, and polarity management are just a few examples of her leadership expertise. I’ve known Jennifer for many years and she’s always inspirational whether in good or challenging times. Jennifer stimulates you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace greater possibilities. She works magic transforming organizations and individuals to much higher levels of performance. She’s as authentic as can be, caring, yet guides you to tackle the tough issues that create great leaders. If you’re looking for a personal, leadership, or organizational development coach, I highly recommend Jennifer! IMHO, there’s no one better.”

Christy S., Director

Dear Jen:

I wanted to let your know that the city, the chamber and the business owners of Hinsdale County were appreciative of your Polarity workshop.

The feedback was off the charts.  On a scale of 1 to 10 your average ratings were 9.7.

Business owners and city council and government officials are now using your tools to work through conflict and complex issues that have no easy answers.  We realized that your polarity perspective opened our minds to a broader set of choices that we had never known about.


Marilyn Laverty, Director
Small Business Development Center at
Western State College

Transformative Coaching

I went to see Jen a few months after I was laid off. My identity was completely wrapped into my 30 year long career as an Art Director, fraught with chaos, boredom, martyrdom and people-pleasing. I longed for a change yet was terrified of what other people think and lacked the courage to change myself.  With the Personal Mastery work Jen introduced me to a core issue of self-nurturing and helped me to overcome a destructive tendency to self-abandon. She modeled better techniques for a positive inner dialog and taught me to trust myself. The effect was completely freeing.  Amazingly, once I became confident, a fabulous opportunity came my way to enter an entirely new career path.  I set good boundaries, negotiated a great salary and joined the team. Jen helped me work through the understandable fears and trials I had introduced. Its been a year now, I have learned so much by taking on this challenge and I couldn’t be more satisfied.  Taking care of my insecurities has freed me from the impossible chains of people pleasing and allowed this transformation.  The journey to this point has been powerful and I would recommend Jen to anyone who seeks moving past internal obstacles.


I have sought out the wise counsel of Jen Joyce on 3 separate occasions: To define my Plan B Career when I decided to leave corporate America; To deepen my personal relationship with my estranged family; and To bring my private life to a more healthy and balanced state. Though all are very disparate and challenging subject matters, each time Jen masterfully laid out a unified path for us to cover together. I am most indebt to her for the straightforward and supportive approach she used with me, in particular when I ended a primary love relationship. Most importantly, with Jen’s help, I was able to identify my pattern in love relationships. For example, I learned that my partner and I were relating in ways that actually covertly caused our “old stories” to play out over and over again. I laid claim to my personal pattern of over-giving and then disengaging from my loved ones. With her wisdom and counsel, I actually uncovered an even more significant pattern – affecting both my professional and personal life – in that I make huge breaks every 10 years. Through our coaching work, I have been able to claim the most vital parts of my life. For the first time, I am able to state my private intention: To believe in authentic connections – again – and to experience firsthand the joy of my work and personal life. As further testimony, each day is now a manifestation of my intent to focus on my future and make myself a richer person through healthy relationships.  And, for anyone considering working with Jen, I am a believer in the power of shared experiences that make it happen for us all. Since concluding our coaching sessions, I have joined a support community, begun journaling, and had heart-to-hearts with my best friends, siblings and co-workers. For the first time, I made a list of annual ‘Life in Balance’ goals – and am growing beyond my wildest dreams!


Late last year, I was trying to figure out how to take good care of myself in my relationships with my husband, family, friends, bosses and coworkers. I found that it was sometimes difficult for me to determine where to draw the line between my needs and other’s needs. Through Jen’s coaching, I learned how to take care of myself first and foremost, not in a selfish way but in a healthy way.  From that place I am able to have loving and compassionate relationships with others. I love myself and am happier. My relationships are healthier because I am able to express my feelings with honesty, love and compassion.


Couples Coaching

My significant other and me were hitting some bumpy roads of late. Job issues, uncertain financial security, empty nest syndrome along with age problems like health issues and so on. Communication wasn’t happening very well. I wanted the love and friendship we once had openly back. I felt it was there still but we were having a hard time connecting. Some of the steps we took with Jen opened up a whole new communication and understanding that might have gone un-checked. We are more open to each other’s needs and wants and listening to each other. It hasn’t always been easy to look at one’s self. I feel are heading in the right direction thanks to Jen and her professional and thoughtful insights.

Chris M.