Get to Know Jen Joyce

As a sought-after pioneer in Organizational Effectiveness, executive/business coaching and transformational life coaching, Jen brings 25 years of business savvy and life training to her practice. She spent years gaining invaluable experience in Corporate America, both as an internal consultant (Bell Labs and Amoco Production Company) and as an external consultant (co-founded LeadershipSmarts by True North Programs, LLC). Jen’s current focus is on “Transformation in Leadership, Relationship and Life” under her own name. “Transformational Coaching” is a specific process to help her clients move past those “stuck” areas where negative patterns undermine clients in reaching their goals. This is some of the most personally rewarding work she has ever done.

Jen’s “Transformational Coaching” methodology is informed by the disciplines of Organizational Effectiveness, Transformational Learning, Transformational Leadership, Adult Development and the latest findings in brain-patterning research. Jen’s clients are finding great success with this approach. As Jen explains to her clients, “we are going on a journey, with a specific destination and specific steps to get there – we won’t be messing around! We are here to transform your life!”  Jen brings the practical application of coaching to deliver solid action towards a critical goal. More importantly, for those stubborn undermining patterns, Jen has great skill in facilitating the deeper work often necessary to get past internal barriers.

Jen is an established innovator in the field of Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. She was the driving force behind award-winning leadership development programs delivered at Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies. She was among the first to bring in executive coaching as a key component to internal leadership development in Corporate America. Jen was also a trailblazer in combining team development with individual coaching to produce deep, lasting personal and leadership team transformation. This magical formula has since become a best practice in the field of Leadership Development.

Jen still brings her pioneering spirit to her latest work in Relationship and Life Coaching. With couples, she is again blazing a trail by integrating individual transformative coaching with  couple’s coaching. Consequently, couples are experiencing more rapid and sustainable results in their relationships. With individuals seeking a relationship, or recovering from a relationship breakup, Jen is bringing more complex expertise as a result of studying under Katherine Woodward Thomas for over a year. Katherine is the well-known best-selling author and creator of Calling in “the One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life (for singles wishing to, finally, find their “one”), and Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After (for individuals going through a break-up who want to traverse an oftentimes rocky path with skill and wisdom). Jen knows that she is blessed to have trained with such a gifted teacher.

Jen holds a Master’s in Industrial Social Work from the University of Houston and a BA in International Communications from the University of Colorado.  She graduated from the Coaches Training Institute and the Leadership Institute of Seattle Executive Coaching Programs. She completed extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) by Dr. Sue Johnson and is also a credentialed coach for Conscious Uncoupling and Calling In “the One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas.