My Mission

My mission is to use a broad approach to coaching to move people and organizations inevitably toward their highest potential by using expertise, humor, and synergistic insight to bring about health, wealth, and happiness. Most of all, my mission is to accomplish this in a way that grows kindness and a world view that goes beyond profit to include people and planet


My Vision

My vision is to bring my loving and authentic voice fully to the world and to invite, encourage, and mentor others to do the same via my coaching, writing, publishing and speaking.

My Values

  • Support all people as they strive for excellence while also ensuring room for our human imperfection so that excellence does not become perfectionism.
  • Bring kindness, first and foremost to self, and then to others as we can.
  • Stand for Radical Self-Responsibility to guide our lives with self-care and accountability.
  • In all things, bring courage, compassion, and curiosity.